Tidings Summer 2017 - The First Issue
May 5, 2020, 12:00 AM

The first issue of Tidings went out in limited run Summer of 2017. I still like the colors, the layout.... I realized quickly with this first issue that I needed more space, more time, and more help! I am thrilled that Bro. Bryan Call and Bro. Jacob Walker agreed to begin helping with the newsletter - I don't know how it would have been possible without them. 

Click here to view the first issue - Tidings Summer 2017

A few basic rules were established early on with the newsletter. First and foremost, we want the newsletter to honor God, promote the Gospel, encourage the Church, and point the lost towards home. Secondly, we want the newsletter to be such that it could be handed to a person who has no affiliation with or knowledge of Christ's Sanctified Holy Church, and it to make sense to them and help them in their spiritual journey. We also decided to make effort to include each of our church congregations and spread the writing burden across crowds, locations, families, genders... 

We covet your prayers moving forward. May God bless the work of publication and proclamation in His Church! 

- Bro. David Copeland