"The Resurrection is a Present Day Reality" by Bro. Gary Collier, Easter Morning 1998 in Atlanta, GA
April 9, 2020, 8:00 AM

Beginning his sermon after powerful testimonies of changed lives, Bro. Gary Collier pointedly tells the congregation gathered Easter morning that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a real event, that Jesus is not dead, but He is alive, and that the power of the resurrected Jesus is available today to change your life.  Covering scripture from the Gospels and into the book of Acts, this sermon drives home doctrinal points as well as challenges the lost to seek the Lord.  The gospel presented in this sermon is a breath of fresh air in a world gone mad:  solid ground in the midst of shifting sand.  Please take the time to listen; it will do you good.

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Bro. David Copeland

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  June 2021