“It’s a Life or Death Case” by Bro. Paul Merritt, Sr. in Camp Meeting 1955
December 1, 2020, 8:00 AM

At Camp Meeting 1955 Bro. Paul Merritt delivers an incredibly powerful sermon based on core doctrinal principals.  He paints a clear division between letting sin reign in our mortal bodies vs. yielding our members as righteousness unto God.  He continues illustrating from the scripture that unless we have the foundation of the doctrine of Jesus Christ in our life, we have the doctrine of the devil.

As was so typical of this preacher, leader and psalmist, he even shares a portion of one of his songs.

Please make a few minutes for this sermon; it was so memorable that Uncle Leon Stewart quoted from it nearly 50 years later.


Sis Renee Price

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  June 2021