"Fairy Tale or Fact?" - Tidings Spring 2020
March 28, 2020, 11:00 AM


Fairy Tale or Fact?


by: Bro. Gary Collier


Is the Easter story fact or fiction? For that matter, what about the Bible itself? Let's see if we can condense the Bible's message into one paragraph:

God created everything. Man sinned. God sent Jesus, born of a virgin, to restore man to fellowship again. Jesus did many mighty miracles. He was crucified and died. He was resurrected three days later and taught his disciples that the Holy Ghost - God in spirit form - would come to live in believer's hearts "not many days hence." Those who repent and seek the Holy Ghost will walk in fellowship with God and go to heaven when they die. Those who reject God will go to hell when they die.

Fairy tale or fact? Myth or reality? Truth or fiction? Every person has to make that choice for themselves. Sure, there are deeper theological things to talk about, but let's keep this simple. Here's what it boils down to for me. Either we're part of this amazing tapestry of God or we're just another link in the amoeba spawned evolutionary story that some believe. If the latter is true, that we are the highest form of life, the height of the evolutionary process, the cream of the crop, then the story of our lives is all that we have. There is no heaven or hell or afterlife or judgment, simply because there is no God. We're born, we live, and we die. End of story.

In this Easter season, though, I want to stand and say that we are the amazing, fantastic and blessed creation of God! We are as nothing before Him. We are powerless before the one and true God. Yes, the Bible seems like a book of fairy tales to some. Yes, parts of it are difficult to understand. Yes, it's true that some people who call themselves Christians are living hypocritical lives which casts doubt in the minds of those who are seeking for the answers in life. Truth is still truth, though, whether we understand it or not... or whether we believe it or not. You could say, "I can't feel gravity. I can't see gravity. Therefore gravity doesn't exist."One jump off of a building will prove that gravity does exist!

The amazing resurrection story of Easter that we celebrate is just as real as gravity. God proved through his son Jesus Christ that we can have victory over sin in our lives if we'll repent of our sins and seek after the gift of the Holy Spirit.We can then become "dead to sin but alive to God." That, my friends, is what proves the story of Easter to be true. To God be the glory!


- Bro Gary Collier