February 2020  
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August 6, 2019, 8:00 PM

“The Sacrifices of God” by Bro. Harry Collins, Jr in Camp Meeting 1957

In Camp Meeting 1957, Bro. Harry Collins, Jr., delivered “The Sacrifices of God”. Bro. Harry preaches from Isaiah 1 and Psalms 51 about the kind of sacrifice that God accepts in the New Testament dispensation. In spite of the late start of the recording, this sermon is well worth our attention.


Bro. Jeff Price

July 30, 2019, 9:00 PM

"God is Faithful" by Bro. Kenneth Collier in Camp Meeting 2018

On the last Saturday morning of Camp Meeting 2018, Bro. Kenneth reminded us that God is faithful all the time and in every situation. Like Joseph from the Bible was in the dungeon, we may find ourselves in dire situations, but God only requires our faithfulness to provide all that we need. This sermon delivers good exhortation to godly faithfulness in all aspects of life.  Listen and be encouraged!


The meeting is available here:


Bro. David Cosby

July 16, 2019, 8:00 PM

“The Prodigal vs. the Privilege of Father’s House” by Bro. Horace Curry, Sr. in Camp Meeting 1970

Depending on our Savior, Bro. Horace highlights the high calling and privilege to have the Spirit of the Lord in our heart and miss a sinner’s reward.  No matter what we achieve in this life, calamity awaits every sinner who rejects the glory of forgiveness and sanctification in Father’s house; there is no halfway between.  Applying the parable of the prodigal son, this message challenges sinners and saints to urgency, as we clear our hearts and minds for camp meeting 2019.  Bro. Luke Gray leads a 1 minute prayer, followed by a 2-1/2 minute song just before our sermon.


Bro. David Cosby

July 9, 2019, 8:00 PM

“Thou art Weighed in the Balances” by Bro. Steve Gray in Camp Meeting 2004

Bro. Steve illuminates how we cherish the Spirit and Power of God we experience in camp meeting!  He then challenges us with “what does the Lord require of me?” and “how is it with my soul?”  The City of Babylon was at its peak when the fingers of a man’s hand wrote “Thou are Weighed in the Balances” to Belshazzar.  It was too late for Belshazzar, but sinners and saints today have the opportunity to search and humble our hearts to serve the Lord God, who still rules in the kingdoms of men.


Bro. David Cosby

July 2, 2019, 8:00 PM

"But God Hath Revealed Them Unto Us By His Spirit" by Bro. Otho Cox in Camp Meeting 1959

Please join us this week and listen to this powerful clip where Bro. Otho Cox shares some of his experience of growing up and his love for the gospel before taking his text from 1 Corinthians 2 and Romans 8. This clip is such a treasure and we see in this man’s life the truth of Paul’s words, “that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel”.  Don’t miss this one.


Bro. Jeff Price

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