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October 25, 2017, 8:00 AM

“We Shall Reign on the Earth” – Bro. Joe Hashemi Greensboro Feast Meeting 2012

This sermon on the Christian experience of reigning over sin was preached on Sunday morning at the Feast Meeting in Greensboro on June 17, 2012.  Bro. Joe uses a number of passages to explain the scriptural doctrine of victory over sin and how sanctified believers are made kings and priests unto God.


Bro. Jeff Price

October 17, 2017, 8:00 PM

'The Promises of God' - Bro. Leon Stewart Sr - Charleston 1994

During the early 90's, the Charleston crowd hosted a series of revival meetings over the July 4th weekend.  This sermon by Bro. Leon Stewart was preached on July 3, 1994 at the conclusion of one of those weekends.  This audio has only recently been made available in digital format so take advantage of this new opportunity to hear this service from the past.



Bro. Jeff Price

October 10, 2017, 8:00 PM

“The Double Minded Man” - Bro. Jeff Price – Leesburg Feast Meeting 2016

At the Leesburg 2016 Feast Meeting Bro. Jeff Price delivered “The Double Minded Man”.  Starting in the book of James, Bro. Jeff moves to Genesis 13 -19 to preach on Abram and Lot.  Though God is loving and compassionate, He is a righteous, just judge who must punish sin.  Drawing a parallel to Lot’s reluctance to escape the awful destruction of Sodom is a most compelling plea to single mindedly come entirely out of Sin.  The sermon ends with an 1886 hymn, “Precious Soul, Linger Not”.



Bro. David Cosby

October 3, 2017, 9:00 PM

“Christ's Salvation Triumphs Over Sin” - Bro. Ty Smith - Camp Meeting 2017

This week we want to take you back to Campmeeting 2017 to Bro. Ty Smith's sermon.  There is too much good content in this one to absorb all at one time so we think it will be a blessing to all to hear it again.


Bro. Jeff Price

September 26, 2017, 9:00 PM

"Peter's denial before Christ was crucified" - Bro. Ray Smith - Camp Meeting 1962

Reading from Mark 14:29-31 in Camp Meeting 1962, Bro. Ray preached on "Peter's denial before Christ was crucified".  The disciples lacked the power to follow Jesus before Pentecost, in spite of their genuine love and determination to follow him.  He shows how this experience is shared among all believers who are converted if they do not seek for power from on high.


Bro. David Cosby

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